Mill Creek

The high performance foam core maintains resilient flexibility and durability to provide a supportive night’s sleep.

The gel infused layer of natural rubber tree foam, that is hypo-allergenic, provides contouring pressure relief and increased breathability while being highly resilient to help alleviate tossing and turning, is surrounded by layers of our gel infused foam. This is a combination of open cell, conforming foam and pressure relief cool gel cells resulting in an optimal temperature sleeping surface while still conforming to every body type.

Client Reviews & Testimonials

Ed, It was great seeing you at the Big E this year. I can’t believe that one year has gone by since we purchased our Sleep Pro. As my husband stated to you, “it has been the best sleep he has ever had”. I also love our mattress – it has helped tremendously in providing a comfortable restful sleep. We are glad we invested in your product and we also appreciate the warm welcome from you and your family. Keep in touch.

Janet and Skip Brown