SleepZero™ ZG Air

All pumps and hoses are contained in the mattress eliminating unsightly hoses, connections and any issues with problematic pump replacement. It also eliminates any possible issues with dust, debris or pet hair that often render the pumps ineffective.

With 50 scientifically accurate comfort settings, you can find that “just right” level of comfort and support so you can enjoy a full night’s sleep.

The pillow top is breathable and promotes a temperature neutral sleep experience while being soft to the touch.

The comfort layer is rotatable, refreshable, and refluffable.

The moisture barrier backing protects internal components for long trouble free life and a healthier sleep environment.

The vulcanized air channels virtually eliminates all seams to prevent any air leakage.

Available Options

Size Price (*)
Twin 38/74 $5495.00
Twin XL 38/80 $5495.00
Full size 54/74 $6495.00
Full size XL 54/80 $6995.00
Queen 60/80 $7495.00
Queen split (2) 30/80 $7995.00
King size 76/80 $8495.00
King split top $9495.00

* All prices mentioned are in $ USD

Client Reviews & Testimonials

Ed, It was great seeing you at the Big E this year. I can’t believe that one year has gone by since we purchased our Sleep Pro. As my husband stated to you, “it has been the best sleep he has ever had”. I also love our mattress – it has helped tremendously in providing a comfortable restful sleep. We are glad we invested in your product and we also appreciate the warm welcome from you and your family. Keep in touch.

Janet and Skip Brown